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Best variegated yarns for your next knitting or crochet project + SWATCHES!

Variegated yarn - also known as multi coloured yarn, which has been dyed with more than one colour have been taken by the storm recently in the knitting and crochet world. The use of variegated yarn can make your next project look so much more fun without the extra effort.

Below you will find a list of my all time favourite variegated yarns and swatches that I guarantee you will fall in love with!



First one on the list is 'The lobby' by Sewrella. Sewrella Yarns offers gorgeous tones in their variegated and hand dyed yarns. The best part is that these yarns are available in all sorts of weights ranging from mohair to classic bulky for any next knitting project you wanna tackle.

Price from £25.00



Sewrella Yarns
Sewrella Yarn Swatches

1. 'The Lobby' - Sewrella Yarns

2. 'Yarnicorn' - We Are Knitters



Next one on the list, is this 100% pima cotton yarn from WAK which gives us the unicorn vibes. This worst weighted yarn comes from Peru and is super soft and light. I love WAK as their yarn balls are bigger than standard - 100g instead of 50g in one ball. Just take a look at this wonderful swatch! 

Price at £14.00



We are knitters yarnicorn
We are knitters yarnicorn

3.'Sprinkle Beige' - We Are Knitters



Another one of my favourites from WAK but with a speckled effect. This worsted weight pima cotton yarn is on my to do list for a simple sweater for spring. I'm also a huge fan of this yarn coming in a ball, all ready to knit straight away.

Priced at £12.90



We are knitters sprinkle beige
We are knitters sprinkle beige

4. 'Forbidden Noodles' - East Coast Yarn


East Coast yarns are out of this world.

I recently came across some stunning skeins on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the colours. Best thing about this, is that you can see on East Coast Yarn's Instagram the satisfying process of dying some skeins.

The forbidden noodles is a worsted weight in merino.

Priced at £24.09



East Coast Yarn
East Coast Yarn

5.'Iconclast' - Honse Design

I have only discovered this designer recently, but I absolutely love their bold style. Iconclast is a two toned yarn which ''takes two very opposing, headstrong shades, that in theory should clash, or even cancel each other out'' - Honse Design. This yarn is available in different bases such as DK and Aran.

Priced at £17.37



Honse Design Iconclast
Honse Design Iconclast

6. 'Lilac Sugar' - Fizzy Peach Fibers

Fizzy Peach Fibres Variegated Yarn

If you are a pastel colours lover, you gotta check out Fizzy Peach Fibers.

A lot of their skeins are lightly variegated, meaning that simple stitches such as stockinette would look fresh and breezy but not busy.

Price from £24.16

Fizzy Peach Fibres Variegated Yarn

7. 'Harvest Moon' - Knitcircus Yarns

Knit circus variagated yarn

Now I can just imagine how fun it would be to knit a cardigan using this autumnal, adventurous yarn from Knitcircus. This 'unexpected' yarn is available in worsted weight, bulky and fingering to suit any project. This yarn is one of a kind - so it will be dyed to order specifically for you.

Priced at: £35.43


8. 'Antique Rose' - Olivia and Oliver Fibers

Olivia and oliver fibers

This cute variegated yarn consists of light beige, mauve, and blush tones and is speckled with orange and mauve. This yarn is just one of many stunning colours from Olivia and Oliver Fibers. This colourway comes in many bases such as classic sock, fingering, dk and more.

Priced at: £18.62

Olivia and oliver fibers

9. 'Rainbow Fab DK Spray Print' - Patons

Rainbow Fab Spray Print

I definitely see myself knitting a cute, vintage cardigan with wooden buttons with this yarn for autumn. This DK yarn comes at a budget price and there are a few more crazy colour mixes in the range.

Priced at: £2.25

Rainbow Fab Spray Print Swatch

10. 'Sanaa Lynne' - Hawari Bazaar Yarn

Hawari Bazaar Yarn

Sana Lynne is just one of many stunning colour variations of this hand dyed yarn by Hawaribazaaryarnco. This yarn is available in 5 different bases ready for any project, big or small.

Priced at: £23.41

Hawari Bazaar Yarn

11. 'Almost Paradise Estrellita Babette' - Miss Babs

Almost Paradise Miss Babs

Ink blue, raspberry and golden bronze

colours, this shimmery yarn will make you stand out in the crowd. Miss Babs is inspired by nature for each hand dyed skein created. If you would like to see projects using lots of different Miss Babs yarns, then make sure you visit their website. Base: Fingering weight.

Priced at £22.62


12. 'The Croft in Marrister' - West Yorkshire Spinners

The Croft Marrister

I have recently finished knitting a dress with this Aran yarn and it was so easy and smooth to work with and knit up super fast. The colour never gets boring and there are a few more options from WYS with gorgeous purple and green tones and more.

Priced at: £9.95


13. 'The Croft in Westerwick' - West Yorkshire Spinners

The Croft Westerwick

Another gorgeous colour variation from The Croft, this time with dark pink tones. This strong, traditional-style yarn will for sure make your autumn/winter knits super warm and cosy.

Priced at: £9.95


14. 'Walnut Twist' - Wool and The Gang

Walnut Twist Wool and The Gang

Create a piece of art with this beautiful 100% chunky, gently twisted yarn to wear all year round from Wool and the Gang. I absolutely love working with any of their yarns, which always come in big balls and vibrant colours.

Priced at: £13.50


15. 'Harvest Table' - Hawari Bazaar Yarn

Harvest Table Hawari Bazaar Yarn

This beauty is available in DK base. There are so many more colourways from this amazing designer that I could add to this list, so make sure you check out the fantastic range on Hawari's website.

Priced at: £23.34


16. 'Impulse Hand Painted' - Knit Picks

Impusle Hand Painted Knit Picks

Here you will see bold purples, radiant magentas with deep blue and vibrant teal in 100% Superwash Merino Wool.

You can easily transform this hank of yarn into endless projects for any season of the year.

Priced at: £15.35


17. 'Twinke Ombre' - Bernat


This generous sized ball in worsted weight is conveniently machine washable and even dryable. It is also available in solid and multi-coloured shades ranging from bright to neutrals.

Priced at £4.83


18. 'Over The Moon' - Spun Right Round

Spun Right Round Yarn

This 3 ply yarn is speckled with charcoal, pink, aqua, pink, orange and caramels colours and looks amazing even in garter stitch. Would make a perfect pair of socks!

Priced at £24.15


19. 'Sunset Bouqet' - West Yorkshire Spinners -

West Yorkshire spinners variegated yarn

West Yorkshire Spinners has done it again, this time with this funky signature 4 ply yarn which could make great crop top projects. This affordable yarn comes in a generous 400 metres and knits up real smooth.

Priced at: £6.79

West yorkshire spinners variegated yarn

20. 'Sherbert Chunky Pots' - Paintbox Yarns

paintbox yarn variegated

If you want to add stripes to your work without changing colours, then this is your go to yarn. Work with one ball at a time to add some vibrance to your project or why not mix with another neutral ?

Priced at £6.30


Which yarns from the list are your favourite?

Or perhaps you have an all time favourite yarn?

Feel free to share with others below in the comments.

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